Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of Sell-A-Rama?

If you haven’t been to Sell-A-Rama, the Show format is reverse from what you may have experienced before. The Distributors sit in the booths on the “Trading Floor”. The Suppliers move about the Floor with scheduled 15 minute appointments.

Tell me more about these 15 minute appointments:

Suppliers will have a scheduled 15-minute appointment with every Distributor they choose. Indica® does the scheduling for all appointments in advance and send your appointment schedule to you with your final Sell-A-Rama package. You will receive this approximately 3 weeks before the Show.

Is this a true buying and selling Show?

Yes! The Distributors come to the Show ready to buy product. As in any sales situation, Distributors who come prepared are going to be the most successful. Sell-A-Rama presents a Supplier with the unique opportunity to meet with every Indica® Distributor, from across Canada, in focused sales situations over a four day period.

What is included in the fee to participate in Sell-A-Rama 2018?

This fee includes the Supplier Forum on Thursday, April 12, 2018 and allows for all your meetings, breakfast & lunches, social events, and allows for 3 people to work the Show. There is no HST as Sell-A-Rama takes place outside of Canada.

Once you have registered for Sell-A-Rama online, your invoice will follow.

What is the dress code at Sell-A-Rama?

Sell-A-Rama 2018 is a business affair, which includes all "Trading Floor" activity, meal functions as well as the social events.  Please dress accordingly.  Do not wear shorts, jeans, T-Shirts, sneakers, beach sandals or pool wear.  Anyone attending a Sell-A-Rama function wearing inappropriate attire will be asked to leave.